What We Do

We are here to build your future !

Infrastracture Works

MCC extends its expertise to execute infrastructure activities as under:
Surface Water Drainage works involving laying of VC/GRP pipes, construction of chambers and manholes, Soakaways and gullies etc.
Foul Sewer schemes involving Construction of Manholes, laying of VC pipes, construction of Inspection chambers and house connections.
Works related to the services involving laying of DI pipes and fittings, connection to the existing water network, Electrical works involving laying of HV/MV cables and construction of ducts crossings, Street lighting works consisting of installation of columns, laying cables, providing ducts crossings and construction of chambers and duct crossings for the Telecommunication network.

Road Works

The major activities executed under this scope of works are as follows:
Bulk Excavation and Filling
Sub-Base Works
Installation of Soft and Hard Landscaping

Asphalt Works

Transportation & laying of asphalt base, intermediate & wearing courses as per different standards and specifications. Asphalt mixes are produced by the state of the art.
To ensure the quality of the produced product, an advanced technical laboratory is established under the able supervision of qualified engineers capable of testing raw materials as well as finished products.

Soft and Hard Landscaping

Landscaping is no longer an agricultural activity for MCC Landscapes.
The company has specialist knowledge and resources, the capacity and proven experience to undertake large and complex landscape packages, as well as parks, gardens, sports fields and much more.